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◆ Privacy policy ◆
We, the name at the time of purchase of the product, e-mail address, address, customer information, such as phone number, but you may be asked to register (these information are referred to as "personal information"), personal information protection has been recognized as being very important. This privacy policy is to inform the attitude regarding the handling of personal information our company who registered on the home page to the original of this recognition to our customers. Listed the following privacy policy in our company, we pay close attention in order to protect your personal information. If you apply for if you buy the participation or goods in our service or our present campaign, etc., because it is deemed to have agreed to the privacy policy, please understand to peruse the contents of this privacy policy.


◆ What is personal information? ◆
In this privacy policy, "Personal information" is information about an individual, the name to be included in the information, date of birth, E-mail address or other description, image or voice or personalized to an applied number, symbol, other by the sign, it says what you can identify the individual.


◆ collection of personal information ◆
In our company, should you need to use some of the service, name, date of birth, there is a case where I am allowed to collect personal information such as E-mail address. These pieces of information, in accordance with all the purpose of collection of below, will be collected by lawful and fair means. Race, ethnicity, family history, family background, domicile, religion, personal information related to the accession to the political views and the labor union, we do not collect and use it.


◆ personal information safety ◆
In our company, the loss caused by unauthorized access of personal information, destruction, falsification, against the risk of such leakage, forced shalt but we take reasonable and strict safety measures, attributable to our responsibility, such as the following reason reason loss of personal information that caused the destruction, falsification, leakage respect, etc., so you can not assume the responsibility at our company, please note. (1) anyone if you disclose personal information in accessible form on the Internet (2) If you disclose personal information in the web site other than our (3) If the personal information is leaked from the customers use the terminal, or if the personal information as due to the use of passwords that are under your management of leaks (4) If the email address you have entered into various application form is wrong (in a variety of application form is to check the contents of the customer in order to get, it has become a mechanism to automatically distribute the application information to the registered e-mail address. even in this for the wrong e-mail address, application information in the e-mail address will be automatically delivered.)


◆ purpose to collect and use personal information ◆
Collection or use for the purpose of personal information in our company this service are as follows. (1) us or,, called together a third party other business partners (hereinafter referred to perform the present campaign in collaboration with a third party or our to jointly market our company and the goods or services as a "business partner" information about the dispatch of goods), to provide information or present campaign information about products and services (2) in order to carry out the investigation and examination for the purpose of our company and our development and improvement of the services or products of the business partners (3) by the company and to create a statistical documentation for services or goods of our business partners (4) in order to provide job information of our company and our business partners (5) information you registered, it in order to provide an adaptive content and advertising to (6) other our management policy or business strategy Order to carry out the investigation and examination for the purpose of development and improvement (7) the Service or partners, such as third-party prize of this service, or advertising and publicity for the service, and the like, and for carrying out the various events, rewards,. (8) towards the e-mail address you registered, we will send you announcements related to the service from our company and business partners, etc. (new service, campaign, program updates, service contents of the change, etc.).


◆ for the disclosure of the information of third parties ◆
1. We are, except in the case corresponding to the following two, it will not be disclosed without your consent your personal information to third parties. 2. We may disclose personal information to third parties in the following cases. (1) If the disclosure of information is required by law (2) a person's life, body or if there is a need for the protection of property If we were to determine (3) a national agency or local governments, or the consignment, that the person who has received to cooperate against it to carry out the affairs specified by law, if there is a particular need for other public interest If we were to determine (4) in order to ensure our customers or our rights If it is determined by us to be necessary (5) If you do If you want to entrust the handling of personal information to the extent necessary for the business conduct to agency that Torikawashi a confidentiality agreement and us, and the tie-up business, in co-branded If you do the business. 3. Guide and advertising, etc. of products and services by our members have been made in this site. If you register personal information on this site, there is that the information is transmitted in a form that does not identify an individual to the appropriate member. 4. In this service you may want to provide the member information to advertisers and content providers, but in the provision of in a statistical form, there is no possible to identify the individual. 5. Only if have agreed to member, you may want to share the information you submitted with our business partners.


◆ personal information correction and deletion ◆
1. customers, by our prescribed procedures, you can do the following claims. (1) 2 that in the case of our information held by the personal information of the self is wrong to hold it to make sure that the personal information of the self is not the false information (2) of our company, to correct or delete it. we are, in case of determining whether or not correction, or deletion of personal information set forth in the preceding paragraph (2), without delay, to notify the customer. 3. If you want to these claims, please contact:. 


◆ About the handling of personal information ◆
(1) personal information of customers, the company products that meet customer needs, and then used to provide the service. In addition, you may want to use in order to perform the confirmation of the necessary items. (2) we may announce the information from the information as well as affiliated companies related to our products and services. To send these notifications are limited to the agency that Torikawashi a confidentiality agreement and our company or our company. (3) There may be the case that in cooperation with partners in the case of our affiliates or business on the necessary make further service. (4) Personal information is only in our company and our group companies can be used, there is no way to transfer, resell to other companies. However provide personal has been processed into a form that can not be specific statistics might be done. (5) Except when there is a legally binding, enforceable, does not provide personal information to third parties not affiliated with us.


◆ for links with other web sites ◆
To our web site contains links to other web sites, we are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such other web sites.


◆ Cookies ◆
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◆ change of privacy policy ◆
1. The contents of this Privacy Policy are subject to change without notice to you. 2. For the post-change of privacy policy, except in the case that we determined separately, and shall become effective from the time that was posted on our web site.